Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Live Summit Forthcoming EP on LIve & Dangerous

Live Summit will be touching down on Live & Dangerous in 2011 with their debut EP. Here is some info on the band.

LiveSummit - Instrumental DnB

LiveSummit is a band that plays LIVE Drum&Bass. The band makes Drum&Bass more mass and entertaining music involving more and more people. From the moment of creation the number of the LiveSummit's listeners has increased gradually and is increasing every day.

"LiveSummit" is a dynamically developing instrumental DnB band. It destroys the stereotypes by playing Live various styles of DnB including Neurofunk, Teсhnoid, Dubstep, etc. The considerable amount of criticism during the band formation has led to a more qualitative tracks.

Thanks to an exchange of experience with Russian DnB producers it was possible to find analogues of various filters and processings applied by them in creation of dnb tracks. The majority of virtual synthesizers and filters emit work of the real-life devices. Chains of these devices have allowed to transform usual sounds of guitars beyond recognition. Furthermore, the use of triggers and electronic drum machines with a combination of game technics applied by such world DnB drummers as Jojo Mayer, KJ Sawka, has given the necessary result. By continuous experiments the Band achieves modern Drum&Bass sounding.

Even more significant assistance was rendered by foreign gurus of style. Concord Dawn (NZL), Fresh (UK), Kano (UK), etc., have kindly shared their secrets of music production. As it has appeared many of them repeatedly used live instruments in their tunes . 

The band LiveSummit was formed in 2008 and has already played with such bands as: 
Concord Dawn(NZL)
The Panacea(GER)
Black Sun Empire(NL)
The Sect(UK)
and etc.

Live Summit You Tube Channel

P.S. The World will never be same again.. 

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